15 Proponents of sexual risk avoidance courses have appropriated the terms medically correct quiz help evidence based, although experts in the field agree that such courses are neither comprehensive of their medical accuracy nor in line with the widely accredited body of scientific evidence. 16 Abstinence only until marriage programs threaten fundamental human rights by withholding advice about human sexuality quiz help in all probability providing medically inaccurate quiz help stigmatizing counsel. 15 Research finds that courses that promote abstinence until marriage while withholding guidance about contraceptive methods don’t stop and even delay sex. 17,18 Moreover, abstinence only until marriage courses can really place young individuals at increased risk of being pregnant quiz help STIs. 19,20 exam help large body of research has found no facts that providing young people with sexual quiz help reproductive fitness guidance quiz help education results in greater sexual risk taking. 12 Most critiques of sexual health courses center around decreasing levels of adolescent being pregnant, STIs quiz help the behaviors that lead exam help them.