McGregor 1957 separated control patterns into two types, Theory X quiz help Theory Y quiz help William Ouchi recommends exam help Japanese control style called Theory Z in 1981 that’s exam help aggregate of the American quiz help Japanese management patterns as illustrates in Figure 2 below Barney 2004. The role of managers is exam help deliver exam help clear goals quiz help objectives, managing individuals quiz help utilizing the structures quiz help approaches Mullins 2013. Based on the assumptions of the three theories mentioned above, I agree with that there is no best follow when come examination help managing individuals in an organization. As different americans look for different needs quiz help wants, managers are required exam help understand the behaviors of the team so as exam help impose exam help suitable management styles. By using the right approach exam help deal with employees, it could motivates individuals, keep the team heading in the right direction quiz help able exam help ensure them examination help get the job done effectively quiz help correctly. As for leadership, there are many different styles of ways that leaders can adopt based on suitability quiz help sustainability when leading exam help team or a corporation.